Over the course of this module i have taken many pictures here a just a few


Week 3

This week we learned about basics of Digital Photography: Aperture, Shutter Speed & ISO.

Larger Aperture

Aperture is the opening through which lights enters the camera. It is measured in f-stops (f/4, f/8, f/22 etc.), and – which may be a bit confusing – the smaller the number behind the f, the larger is the opening. Aperture influences the Depth of Field (DOF), which is the area of the photograph which is in focus. The higher the DOF, the more of the image will be in focus.

Smaller Aperture

In summary, a higher aperture (= smaller numbers in f-stops) results in a smaller depth of field, meaning fewer objects in focus! In contrast, a smaller aperture (larger f/x) means a larger depth of field and a wider area in focus.



Shutter Speed

Shutter Speed refers to the internal shutter of a camera which blocks out the light, and is defined as the amount of time in seconds that shutter is open. A fast shutter allows to capture fast movements (such as water splashing), while a slow shutter creates motion blur, so only the static parts of the image will be clear.


ISO measures the sensitivity to light, with a lower number meaning less sensitivity. So when photographing in a dark environment, a higher ISO setting may be appropriate.


Reciprocity is the understanding that all those three factors are involved in the effective exposure of the image. To understand this concept, it helps to visualize the camera as a window: The size of the window (aperture) controls how much light enters the room. However, light can only enter the room while the shutters are open (shutter speed). The effect of ISO can be understood as wearing sunglasses inside that room, thus being less sensitive to the incoming light.

week 2

In this week we talked about different designs that are on are websites for instance call yo action which are Web page buttons these buttons are to encourage people to click on them to opt in for deals

We talked about HTML which is the language used to code website. We learned how to use it and the special characters in order to get certain items on screen.

We also learnt how the eye moves across the page typically they track across the page in a descending f pattern.